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Research, research, research.

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We have been on the phones this week to all our industry contacts, finding out at grass-roots level just what's happening in the Adelaide market.

One of the advantages to having been in the industry for so long is that we know all the agents and insiders in the know. We're busy interviewing them and transcribing their feedback on the current state of the market in order to best advise our clients. It's not what you think it might be either... there's more than just doom and gloom out there.

So are there bargains out there at the moment? Certainly.

If you've ever considered buying another property for investment, lifestyle, subdivision... now might just be the time. The property supply is not drying up, but buyers are being more choosy. If you need to sell a property too... now is the time when the more serious buyers are really looking. Fewer 'low-baller's' and more serious offers are certainly coming in.

So if you want to know what's happening in the market, give us a buzz. There's a lot you need to know.
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