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Prepare your pool for winter

 Despite solar heating and for some, the current trend for taking ice baths, most backyard swimming pools will get little use during Winter.

But no use should not equate to no care; if you want to be able to plunge back into a sparkling pool when Spring returns, there are a few steps you can take now to maintain a healthy chemical balance over the colder months.

The Swimming Pool & Spa Association of NSW (SPASA) suggests the following simple actions that will prepare your pool for winter and hopefully save you effort and money when it comes time to get the pool back in action:

1. Thoroughly backwash the filter and clean it with a recognised filter cleaner and degreaser.

2. Ensure the skimmer basket and hair/lint pot are free of debris. Check occasionally over the next few months and empty as necessary.

3. Lubricate all O-rings with a silicone-based lubricant.

4. Adjust the total alkalinity level with bicarb soda if it is below 80-120 parts per million.

5. Adjust the pH level to 7.2 to 7.6 by adding acid if the level is too high, or soda ash if it's too low. Mix all chemicals in a full bucket of water before adding to the pool – remember to also add the acid to the water and never in amounts of more than 500ml.

6. Mix 500g of granular chlorine or 750ml of liquid chlorine in a bucket of water and add to the pool

7. Adjust the timer so the filter runs for three-four hours daily.

Once that's all done, throw a cover over the pool to prevent debris and excess rainwater from falling in. Be sure to remove it from time to time to avoid algae growth and your pool should stay in good condition until you're ready to use it again when the warmer weather arrives.

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